Blog Roll


  • Arunava Sinha’s blog: Arunava Sinha is a writer and translator, working in English and Bengali. He often posts short translations on his website.
  • Bint Battuta – by Ayesha, out of Bangalore. History, linguistics, literature.
  • Dale Luis Menezes writes, amongst other things, on Konkani literature.
  • Electrostani is the blog of Lehigh University professor Amardeep Singh. He writes about Indian literature, the academic life, teaching and politics.
  • Narayanaswami S translates classical Telugu poetry to English.
  • OOP Blog – Out of Print magazine publishes short stories from India. This is their blog. Interviews and magazine updates.
  • Purushottam Agarwal’s blog contains writing in Hindi on literature and other things.
  • Reading Writing Fooding Lodging is a blog by author and columnist Nilanjana Roy. She’s recently started posting interviews with Indian writers as well.
  • Author of speculative and funny fiction (in English) Samit Basu has a blog.
  • Bengali author Samim Ahmad’s blog.
  • Vishal Srivastava’s blog Naya Samay (New Times)  contains reviews of Hindi literature and poetry (in Hindi)
  • Suno Sadhu blogs about bhakti and Dalit literature, and the activities of the Kabir Kala Manch.
  • Aishwarya S blogs about literature in general, and from time to time, Indian literature as well.
  • Pallavi Rao teaches in a small university town in Karnataka and blogs about books. Lots of reviews here.
  • Chandrahas Chowdhury is an author, and journalist. He blogs about books.
  • Kuzhali Manickavel is published with Blaft, and writes lots of short stories.
  • The Duckbill blog is run by children’s lit publishers, Duckbill and features interviews with authors.



Middle East


  • Albania’s House of Books Blog
  • Love German Books – ‘Biased and unprofessional reports on German books, translation issues and life in Berlin’
  • Bacaycay – Polish literature weblog
  • St Orborose is a blog from Portugal. The author reads English, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese and blogs about books.
  • No Man’s Land – German literature


South America


North America






World Literature / General



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