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Reading Project 2015: Indian Women

My reading project for 2015 is to work through a list of books by Indian women. Since India has 22 official languages, this has the added benefit of being a list that consists largely of works in translation. I’ll be trying to include as many Dalit and female writers, as possible.

In preparation for this I’ve started building my list here. It is an open spreadsheet, so feel free to make additions and changes. I’ll be posting the list on Goodreads as well.

Here’s some context, in case you’re interested..

  • A four part series by Mahmud Faruqi on Asymptote, on the dearth in┬átranslations of South Asian writing, in the US. ┬áPart I here
  • The Three Percent blog on the general dearth of South Asian translations.
  • Alison Anderson asking, Where are the women in translation?