Lit Journals and Magazines


Literary Magazines

Almost Island, probably the best literary journal currently in India, in English, publishes original poetry, fiction and essays. The last issue was Spring 2014. [Web] [English]

Biblio, A Review of Books has been around for a while. It contains book reviews. The content is usually good but thoroughly paywalled. [Web + Print, paywalled like whoa][English]

Bombay Literary Magazine is very new, edited by a samurai (?) and publishes short stories, poetry and book reviews.

Cyclostyle is a print magazine that contains art and writing. The first issue was apparently typed on Remington Portable typewriter and printed with a Gestetner cyclostyle. [Print] [English]

Coldnoon is an e-zine, published four times a year. It describes itself, thusly, as a  “refereed, international and interdisciplinary online and print journal that publishes poetry, research papers and nonfiction on the subjects of travel, literary and human geography, psychogeography, and new perspectives on spatiality and travel.” [Web] [English]

Earthen Lamp Journal, from Gyaana books, is an ezine that publishes original poetry and fiction. [Web] [English]

Estrade – a literary magazine based out of Ahmedabad, fiction published quarterly. [Web, paywalled]

The Four Quarters is an ezine, published every three months, that contains excerpts, original fiction and poetry. [Web]

Helter Skelter is a magazine that focuses on ‘independent and alternative’ culture in India. [Web] [English]

Indian Ruminations publishes writing in English.

Kindle magazine is a ‘youth magazine’ published from Kolkata. [Web, part subscription, part open access] [English]

Kritya claims to be an international journal of poetry, and will contain contemporary Indian poetry, in English, Hindi and in translation. [Web] [Hindi and English]

The Little Magazine used to publish fiction, poetry and non-fiction every month. Seems to have stopped, for now. [Web + Print, partly free access] [English]

The Literary Yard is an e-journal that wants to support young and budding artists and writers. [Web] [English]

Nether is a magazine that is published by Nether Books, and is published every month. [Print and Web] [English]

North East Review is an e-zine that publishes original content in English from the north -eastern states of India. It contains original fiction, poetry and essays. [Web] [English]

Muse India is a monthly e-zine, with original literature and poetry as well as an extensive review section. Issues are themed, around writers/poets, a particular genre or type of literature, or language. [Web] [English]

The Obliterary Journal is published from time to time by Blaft, and contains original fiction, writing in translation and art. [Print only, buy here] [English, translations]

Out of Print is an online platform for short stories from the Indian subcontinent. [Web] [English, translations]

Open Road Review publishes short fiction (including translations), nonfiction, poetry, interviews and artwork. [Web] [English, translations]

Pratilipi was a fantastic bilingual e-zine which is no longer active. Old content is available online and archived. It was founded in 2008 and published 13 issues. [Web, Hindi and English]

Pyrta, based out of Shillong, is an e-zine containing original poetry and writing. It was updated until Winter 2012, after which there haven’t been any new issues. [Web] [English]

Reading Hour publishes short reads – fiction, poetry, non fiction and so on. [Web + Print] [English]

Spark publishes writing, art and photography around a theme, every month.

Taj Mahal Review publishes poetry twice, annually.



General Magazines

The Caravan from the Delhi Press is a monthly magazine, and often contains excerpts, columns about non-English literature (in English) and translations. [Print and web, some current content paywalled]

The Daily O from Yahoo publishes long form journalism, but also has articles about literature from time to time. It also hosts a poetry column, called The Sideways Door, by Sridala Swami. [Web only]

Economic and Political Weekly publishes academic commentary on law, economics, sociology and other disciplines. It occasionally carries content that comments on popular culture, literature and writing as well. [Print and web, archived content paywalled]

Frontline, published by the same people that publish The Hindu, is a news magazine that carries regular book reviews and occasionally, features on Indian writing, and non-English writing. [Print and web, free registration for access]

Himal Southasian publishes essays, reviews and content from the subcontinent.

The Indian Quarterly publishes reviews, fiction and essays about Indian literature, along with politics, art and culture. [Print and web, some current content paywalled]

Motherland Magazine, run  by the ad company Wieden+Kennedy is a monthly themed magazine focusing on arts and culture. [Print and web, some content paywalled]

Outlook is a news magazine that carries book reviews, and occasionally excerpts from newly published books. [Print and web]

OPEN is a news magazine, with regular features on books, writing, authors and regular reviews. The quality is not particularly great. [Web and print]

Tehelka is a weekly news magazine. Current content is uninspiring, but their previous content (available online) had a lot of articles on interesting and new literature in English and other languages. [Web and print]

Seminar is a monthly magazine, with articles around a theme. They’ve previously had issues devoted to literature. [Web and Print, current month paywalled until the next month’s issue is out] is a curated news website, with occasional articles about literature and poetry. [Web]




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